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Vienna-Wieden, Austria

Vienna-Wieden is the IV-th district of Vienna, situated in the central zone of the Austrian capital. For the first time it is mentioned in 1137 and therefore it is considered one of the first suburbs of Vienna. Today the population of this densely populated area is about 31,000.
Vienna-Wieden belongs to the historical center of Vienna. Here are some of the most iconic buildings in Vienna - Karlskirche, whose construction began back in 1715 during the reign of Emperor Karl VI, the Schonburg palace (built in 1705) the Church Paulanerkirhe (1627). The most visited museum here is the Museum of Vienna (opened in 1887), which holds the city's history for centuries. The museum includes the house in which Schubert spent his last days. Other names, connected with Wieden are Johannes Brahms, Johann Strauss (son), Karl Luger, Ferdinand Bloch-Bauer, Carl Klaus and others.
Wieden is an important educational center. Here are such renowned Austrian schools as the Technical University, the University of Applied Sciences, Polytechnic Institute, the Music Conservatory and the College of Accounting and Finance.

The Twinning Agreement between Haskovo and Vienna-Wieden was signed on 26.05.2009.


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