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Located at an important crossroad, linking the East and the West, Haskovo reflects the whole history of Bulgaria. This is the land where the Thracian people have left traces of the flourishing state of their civilization. This is the land where the ancient Bulgarian people built unique fortresses to protect the borders of the country. The spiritual fire of the Renaissance was lit here to be kept alive and strong ever-since.
The Municipality of Haskovo is located among the rolling plains of south-eastern Bulgaria. Strategically nestled between the Rhodopi and the Balkan mountain ranges, the region enjoys a pleasant climate and easy transportation access. It  is a natural center for cultural events.
The fastest and the most direct route linking Europe and the Middle East passes through the region of and that determines the  key location of the town. The town is located at the crossroads of four of the trans-European transportation corridors.
The municipality covers 740 sq.km. and includes the city of Haskovo and 35 surrounding villages.
The food processing industries outline the  business environment. Wine, beer and tobacco production hold a solid share in the national economy. . There are a number of private companies in the area that specialize in producing machinery for food-processing, baking, meat processing, dairy products, and clothing, just to name a few.
Agriculture plays an important role in the economic structure of the region. The area’s temperate Mediterranean climate combines with the  natural resources create favourable conditions for the farmers in the region of Haskovo who can grow wheat, sesame,  corn, and especially tobacco and cotton, which are of the highest quality in Bulgaria. Vineyards and vegetable farming are also highly developed in the area.

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