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Many prominent Bulgarian athletes who have won Olympic, World, European and national medals and prizes, have begun their sports career in the town of Haskovo. The Sports School and over 20 sports clubs operate in the city. Newly-constructed and well maintained sports complexes and facilities complement the opportunities for sport for all ages and interests - handball, basketball, tennis, karate, squash, dance sport, football, skateboarding, skating and much more. For those who love nature and practise sports actively, the city offers good conditions for cycling.

The Culture and Sports Center “Spartak”

This unique open-air complex, arranged in tiers, seats 3500 people and has a covered stage space of 300 sq.m. It provides opportunities to satisfy the tastes of the audience for different entertainment and sporting events. During the winter months an ice rink is constructed in front of the stage with a total area of 600 sq.m. which attracts many visitors. This is also the venue for the training sessions of the boys' hockey team in Haskovo.

Tennis Courts

Haskovo offers modern facilities for practising tennis and squash amid the tranquility and green freshness of Kenana Park. There are eight clay tennis courts. Professional coaches can be hired for individual and group training sessions for those who wish to experience the pleasure of the sport. The tennis complex is designed to provide opportunities for international competitions.

„Drujba Complex”

Basketball Hall: Course 30/17/15m, 1200 seats. The hall offers opportunities organizing regional, national and international competitions in different sports.
Wrestling Hall: Area 500 sq.m, dimensions 30/12/6m. The hall is equipped with 2 mats, a separate playground for physical practising, bathrooms, locker rooms, WC, sauna. It is constructed according to the requirements of the International Wrestling Federation.
Weightlifting Hall: Dimensions 16/9 50/4m. There are 8 platforms for weightlifting and a sauna. Clubs and national teams hold their training practices here.
Triathlon Hall: Dimensions 17/9m. The Hall is equipped with 8 platforms for triathlon training.
Fitness Gym: Area 150 sq.m.  It has an aerobics hall, locker room, bathroom, solarium, massage room, a place for physical training.
Karate Hall: Area 100 sq.m. It is equipped with tatami and has a bathroom and changing- room.

Skateboarding Site

Located in the park "Kenana" on an area of 18,600 sq.m. The site is equipped with modern facilities for skateboarding and BMX sports bikes. The site complies with the requirements of the World Skating Federation

The Culture and Sports Center “Spartak”

Handball Hall: Area 800 sq.m. with dimensions 36/30/8, 50m. It has 350 seats for spectators, 4 changing-rooms and bathrooms. The Hall is suitable for competitions in tennis, futsal, and other games.
Badminton Hall: Dimensions 30/16/8.50m, 100 seats for spectators. It is used for badminton and tennis games. It has 5 badminton courts. The facility complies with the requirements of the International Badminton Federation.
Judo Hall: Dimensions 10/14/2.50m. It has a hall for physical training. The facility is equipped with tatami.
Table Tennis Hall:  Area 140 sq.m.; 4 tennis tables.
Boxing Hall: Area: 140 sq.m.  It has an undersized ring for training, equipment for special training of boxers, bathroom, toilet and changing-room.
Karate Hall: Area 500 sq.m. It is equipped with tatami training, locker rooms and bathrooms.

Recreation and Sports Area “Avenue”

Located in an area of 14,800 square meters, it has a children's playground and 4 playgrounds for football, volleyball, basketball, tennis.

Sports Complex “Junak”

It has gymnastics hall (28/14m), equipped with all necessary equipment for gymnastics, acrobatics - trampoline and large gymnasium Reuter. The outdoor sports facilities of the complex  has 3 fields:  for handball (44/23m), football (32/16m) and football (44/24m) respectively.

Stadium “Haskovo”

Total area is 30 acres. There is a grassed soccer field with dimensions 100/70m, sports hall and general physical training hall, four locker and changing rooms. The stadium has 3,000 seats for spectators.

Stadium “Mladost”

Total area is 20 acres. There is a grassed football field sized 100/60m, track with 4 lanes and sectors for throws and jumps, gym for wrestling 25/10/5m sizes, two mats, 4 changing-rooms.

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