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Haskovo municipality is a legal entity, government funded, based in Haskovo and its official address is: 1 “Obshtinski” Square.

The executive body of national and local policy in providing services to citizens and businesses is represented by the mayor. He directs the activities of the administration of Haskovo Municipality through acts and decisions. The activity of the administration is governed also by the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and regulations of the City Council.

The Municipal Administration in carrying out its activities are guided by the principles of legality, transparency, accessibility, accountability and coordination. The structure and number of employees of the municipal administration are to be approved by the City Council proposed by the Mayor.

The municipal administration is GENERAL and SPECIALIZED

The GENERAL ADMINISTRATION ensure the technical activities of local authorities and specialized administration and provide administrative services to citizens, natural and legal persons.

The SPECIALIZED ADMINISTRATION assist and support the implementation of the powers of local authorities.

Directorates, departments and sectors are structural units of the governance, and they implement organization, coordination and control in their respective fields of work of municipal administration. They operate within the powers and functions, specified in the Regulations and the Rules of Haskovo Municipality.

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