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Structure and Services

The Haskovo Municipal Administration ensure the implementation of laws, regulations, decisions of the City Council, support the mayor in carrying out his mandate, provide technical support for the Mayor's activities and perform activities related to administrative services to citizens and legal persons.

The Municipal Administration provides services in:
- Municipal property and investment policy;
- Planning, general city plan, advertising, architecture and civil engineering;
- Registry office
- Construction, technical infrastructure, ecology and environmental
- Local businesses
- Social, educational and health policy at national and municipal level
- Local taxes and municipal waste

The Haskovo Municipal Administration is structured in nine departments:
- "Administration"
- "Civic Registration and Administrative Services"
- "Legal and Regulatory Services and Internal control"
- "Agriculture, Tourism, Transport, Trade, Consumer Rights and Municipal Property"
- "Education, Culture, Youth Activities, Sports, Health and Social Work"
- "Financial and Accounting Activities"
- "Construction, Investment Policy and Ecology"
- "Zoning and Public Works"
- "Municipal Tax Administration"

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