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Geographical Information


The Municipality of Haskovo is located among the rolling plains of south-eastern Bulgaria and occupies the western part of Haskovo district. It is strategically located between the Rhodopi and Balkan Mountain ranges.
Territory: 740 22 sq.km
1 town and 35 villages
Climate: moderate continental with a strong Mediterranean influence

Distances to other big cities

Haskovo – Sofia 222 km
Haskovo – Burgas 202 km
Haskovo – Ruse 296 km
Haskovo – Plovdiv 75 km
Haskovo – Varna 350 km
Distances to border crossing points:
Kapitan Andreevo (between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Turkey) – 84 km south-eastern direction
Kapitan Petko Voivoda (between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Greece) – 77 km south-eastern direction


International road :Central Europe – Kalotino – Kapitan Andreevo – Istanbul
The Middle East, Asia and North Africa
North Europe – Ruse – Gorna Orjahovitza – Haskovo – Svilengrad – the Mediterranean region
International transportation corridors: 4, 8, 9 and 10
Highways: transport corridor "Europe-Asia" includes highway E-80 motorway and railway line E-70C
Sea transport - The Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea and it is 2 hours' drive by car to get there.
Railroad transport: Sofia – Haskovo – Svilengrad (I-st category), Ruse – Haskovo – Podkova (IV-th category).

Economic Review

Population 95 729 inhabitants, the population of Haskovo – 76 431
Density of population: 157.95 people per square kilometer
The business environment in Haskovo includes a wide spectrum of industries, national and international, small and large firms and companies. These companies sell their products both on foreign and domestic markets.
Major industries in the municipality:
- Vegetable and fruit-growing
- Wine and beer production 
- Tobacco and textile industries
- Manufacture of machinery for food and dairy industry 
- Production of heating and household appliances 
- Clothing and knitted production 
- Canning industry
Attractiveness for employers and employees:
- Quick and easy access to Asian and Middle Eastern markets
- Close proximity to the borders with Turkey and Greece (80 km) 
- Modern infrastructure associated with major European roads E-80 and E-85 
- Developed food industry, wine, beer and tobacco, textiles 
- Orientation program for investors, developed by the municipality 
- Incentive program for investors, including discounts on municipal rentals and planning of industrial zones.

Social life


Kindergartens: 35, of which 17 in the town of Haskovo
Primary schools: 1
Comprehensive schools: 14, of which 7 in the town of Haskovo
Secondary schools: 2
Specialized schools: 1
Specialized secondary schools: 2
Vocational secondary schools: 7
University departments: Regional Center for Distance Learning at the University of National and World Economy

Cultural Institutions

Cultural Community Centers: 27, of which 14 in the town of Haskovo 
Town Library: 1
Theatre: 1
Art Gallery: 2
Museums: 3
Youth Center: 1
Recreation areas: “Kenana” Park, “Yamacha” park, City Garden, town parks and children's playgrounds
Sports Complexes: 5
Sports Clubs: 25
Swimming Pools: 5

Sports, tourism and leisure time

Tourism is an attractive side of life in Haskovo. The municipality’s local sights and convenient location constantly attract visitors. In terms of highlights, the municipality’s historical architecture is a major draw. The city has preserved many of its Ottoman-style streets, which echo memories of life centuries ago. In addition, the well-preserved old town area will charm you with its Renaissance architecture. In the center of Haskovo is the oldest mosque in the country, which attracts many tourists. Besides these most important landmarks, there are numerous old houses and public buildings in the city which have been declared as cultural heritage sights and have preserved the unique spirit of the history of Haskovo

From Haskovo tourists can easily reach the famous winery in the village of Stambolovo (24 km from Haskovo), the Mineral springs in the village of Mineralni Bani (17 km), the largest market for commodity goods in the country in the town of Dimitrovgrad (16km) or to the conservation Centre "Eastern Rhodopes" in the town of Madzharovo (60 km). Located near Haskovo, these destinations provide an opportunity for pleasant travel and entertainment in the region.

In terms of culture Haskovo meets the needs of everyone. Theater lovers have the opportunity to visit the renovated Theatre "Ivan Dimov". For those interested in the history of the region, the Historical Museum offers a unique collection of ancient artifacts. Important cultural centers are the Community Center “Zarja" and the Regional Library " Hristo Smirnenski." The art galleries offer delightful experiences for art lovers, whereas for those who love music, the virtuoso performances of the Symphony Orchestra - Haskovo, the folklore ensembles, choirs will provide enormous pleasure.
In addition to this rich variety of cultural events, the municipality has managed to preserve the traditions and different festivals are held annually such as Literature Debut Days "Southern Spring", the Musical Days "Nedyalka Simeonova" the Folk festival "Lovely Thrace Sings and Dances", theater festivals, the Day of Haskovo – the 8th of September, etc. ..
Haskovo offers very good conditions for sports for all ages and interests - handball, basketball, tennis, karate, squash, sport dances, football, skateboarding, skating and much more. In the picturesque park "Kenana" is one of the best tennis complexes in the country, which annually hosts many sporting events. The complex has a football playground with artificial turf, indoor tennis hall. The "Avenue" Sports Complex offers great opportunities for football, basketball, volleyball. For those who love nature and sports activities, the city offers good opportunities for picnicking, biking and trekking in well-maintained parks "Yamacha" and "Kenana".


The future development of the municipality is also associated with the complete use of its natural resources and climate in agriculture by doing our best to develop high quality market-oriented agricultural production, by establishing agricultural advisory centers. Historical facts and cultural wealth of the region, combined with well developed transport and tourism infrastructure are favorable factors for tourism development. The established partnerships with twin cities in England, Austria, France, Greece, Turkey, Italy, Spain, Portugal, USA, Russia, Serbia, Belorussia, are also valuable contributions in this respect.

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