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Coat of Arms

Haskovo municipality obtained its own coat of arms in 1995.

Coat of arms of Haskovo represents the so called in heraldry "Spanish" escutcheon (a shape which is traditional for our lands, according to historians and experts in heraldry) with a red band and gold trim. In the red band there is a vertical golden key – symbolic image of the important political and historical significance of the city.
A stylized image of an authentic gold cross found during excavations in the "Assen's Fortress" dating back to the X-th – XI-th centuries, is depicted in the upper part of the key.
In the middle of the Golden Cross a second cross is inserted- a symbol of the difficult and continuous defense of Christian faith and values.
A letter "X" is depicted at the lower part of the key, which stands for the name of the town (in the Cyrillic alphabet) and at the same time it is the Roman figure for ten - the heyday of the medieval town (X-th – XI-th century).
Above the escutcheon is placed a silver (white) town- walls crown which characterizes the coat of arm as one, belonging to a town. The crown has three cliffs, which means that the city has a population under 100,000 people.
Below the escutcheon is placed a silver (white) phylactery band with the motto "Dignity and Faith." The motto refers to the most important event in the history of the city - the battle of Klokotnitsa on 09.03.1230 - one of the most important victories in Bulgarian history.
In heraldics colors have special significance. Yellow (gold) means generosity and strength; red - sacrifice, heroism and connection with ancestors; white (silver) means purity, chastity (this color is associated with one of the oldest names in the city - Belovod).

Authors of the coat of arms: Boril Karaivanov and Emanuil Manolov

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