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National Folk Festival "Lovely Thrace Sings and Dances"

The National Folk Festival for more than 45 years

has been promoting authentic Bulgarian folklore and delights the hearts of patriotic Bulgarians. The event is held in May in the "Kenana" park near Haskovo. Amateur folk groups and individual performers participate in it.
“Lovely Thrace Sings and Dances "is not a competition, nevertheless, participants receive special awards, for the presentation of new spring songs and dances. Each year, numerous spectators watch with interest these magnificent expressions of folk wisdom and dance art, which captivate with their authenticity and diversity.
It is only natural that right here, in the open, under the shade of trees and over the sun-lit meadows of the park "Kenana", the sounds of bagpipes and kavals (wooden flutes), the rhythm of folk dances and the chorus of songs, we can find the deep roots the rich Bulgarian spirit.

Regulations of the competition:
- Singing groups: up to 3 songs
- Dance groups: up to 10 min
- Ensembles: up to 15 minutes
- Folk customs: up to 15 minutes
- Individual Performers: up to 6 minutes

Китна Тракия

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